Products (some) all of a sudden show "out of stock", but are not


I just had a customer report that 3-4 items she tried to add to cart are out of stock and she can only add to wish list.

I checked and this is true. However, in the admin all product options have quantities over 900. These products are similar and are clones of other products. Have not had any problems in the past. This is the first time.

I am using 2.1.3 version. Have no customization.

I did clear/delete the cache. I have not checked every product to see if there are more. The only change to one of the products is that the image was changed, nothing else. Worked in the past, not out of stock.

These products do not show in the admin where the other actual out of stock items are listed.

I did put in a ticket, but in the mean time, does anyone have any ideas?




Problem seems to be limited to 15 products and from one type of product. Most were cloned from each other or from an initial template. There are 56 similar products, but only 15 showing out of stock.

Several of these products were sold in the last month/week with no problems, and now show out of stock, even though the quantities for each option are over 900. No option combinations will work.


Problem found and fixed.

As in many cases, its a user error which is the root cause of the problem, me.

While modifying the values for a global option, which is assigned to the problem products, I must have inadvertently checked the box “inventory?” (was not previously checked when set up months ago). The global option is an attribute and not something that is inventoried. I just had to uncheck this box to fix the problem.