Products page in Admin panel is blank and not loading after latest upgrade

I made about 2 years worth of updates including upgrading from php 5.6 to version 8.2. After all updates were completed I am now unable to see my products in the Admin product management panel. The panel is there but a blue page with the colum headers. I did a error debug and it called back a server 500 error.

Also I’m not sure if this is a seperate issue but not sure after installation if my directory and file permissions are all correct now either.

Possible to have an issue with the image thumbnail generation or there is an add-on that overrides products manage template or hooks.

As a stating point please check page source code and see where html ends

Start from checking error logs or enable error displaying inside CS-Cart

You shouldn’t be using PHP 8.2. At most, use PHP 8.0.

And if 8.0 also does not work, try 7.4. While PHP 8.0 is officially supported starting from CS-Cart/Multi-Vendor 4.15.1, we experienced some minor issues with it, and therefore most of our demo stores are using 7.4 which we consider fully stable.

Sorry I just checked what was installed and it is php 8.0. I have php 8.0 for CS-cart and php 7.4 for my older site that will not run on 8.0. It looks like this problem was solved with the first suggestion of the thumbnail images. Thank you.

Thank you, I ended up reaching support and that is what was mentioned was the problem.