Products Options Price Sent To E-Mail Order

Hello, after the last updates (I just notice this change so I don't really know when it appear), the options prices are send to the e-mail order.

For example:

Folie de laminat lucioasa tip plic A3 - RONIC
Opțiuni: Grosime: 80 microni (+8,70 RON)

The "(+8,70 RON)" it was not before, and I need to remove it, can it be removed?


It depends on the Settings -> General -> Display modifiers for product options setting

Hello, I want to display those modifiers on the page, just not on the e-mail.

In this case please edit the following files:



remove the following lines:

                {if $settings.General.display_options_modifiers == "Y"}
                    {if !$skip_modifiers && $po.modifier|floatval}
                         ({include file="common/modifier.tpl" mod_type=$po.modifier_type mod_value=$po.modifier display_sign=true})

It works. I clear the cache and is all good!


You are welcome!