Products Option

If yous sell clothes - jewelry - hand bags and other stuf that comes in different colors/style - it would be nice to show this in a picture. Like some alternative pictures comming up on the right side of the main picture. You can click on them to se the left main item picture with this color.

I now you have the additional pictures alternative down under - but this is may be used for closed up/detail or from another angle pictures.

No you have to make one new item code number for each color.


Do you not use option images where the picture changes if you select another color option?

No Tail’s - dont know about it.

I ask again where is the “USER MANUAL”? If it turns up please also include a good description/cart of all the templates.

I know you can set a product option like size - color etc. - but not about switcing images on that option - please tell me how.

But if you not actual see the pictures of the different product pictures - but have to use a list most of the effect is gone.

Here is how I like it:

You can click on them to se the left main item picture with this color.


Look here:


When you have made an option for your product, a choice for ‘option images’ appears in the same place where you make options for products, like size, color, you’ll find it.

Thank you Tail’s - I got the picture now.

But it is for me not at all a user friendly design or a good solution. In your page you must first also set size before the color is working. That meens the customer must already have desidet to by the product. It looks more elegant with the smal pictures beside - you not agree?

If I look at your link from the cutomers side - it is only one small picture drown in a lot of text and information. In your case maybe aditional pictures may be better?


(PS. Du kunne ha gjort siden din mye flottere designmessig med en flott header - litt bakgrunnsfarger og bedre bilder f.eks med skygge. Dessuten har du noe engelsk tekst i det svenske. Importerer du dine produkter selv eller? Kan være behjelpelig med design - trenger oversettning fra norsk til svensk på en side.)

Terje, I think the side images is a better solution aswell. However not supported… yet.

In this case you have to choose size before color works, but this is to ensure that the customer doesn’t forget about size and just orders a default ‘small’ when he really meant a medium. CS-cart would otherwise let you set it up how you want, so that choosing color works without having to choose size, just remember to set up the first picture appropiately, otherwise it will switch by itself according to the first of the options when the page loads.

Choosing from small images I do not think is appropiate when there are many choices, in my case 9 color images, and 3 sizes. I don’t think its needed to have a picture for ‘sizes’, but then the user would have to select ‘size’ and everything else (name) in one section, then do something else to choose a little image for the color. It would make things a little disorderly. Right now, there are many choices, neatly grouped together without many small images gettings in the way.

Having small size pictures that change the large picture sounds good for a hand bag with 4 colors, but the cs-cart system gives more flexibility to wider needs.

Only thing I don’t like is that it can’t handle items in stock for each product color.