Products not displaying in the StoreFront

Version 4.13.3, the individual product page works fine, but only when opened from the admin panel, i.e., with the hyperlink. But, when opened from the storefront, it doesn’t seem to show anything.

This is the view from the storefront. Yes, the show products from categories is on in the Catalog section of General settings.

But then, from the admin panel, if you list out an individual product and then show it, it shows the product.

This is by going to the admin panel, and then going to products and then going to an individual product and then selecting storefront, and opening it on a new tab.

I have been stuck on this for a while and I have done my due diligence. I’m out of options as I don’t understand how to show products and filters on categories or search for them. It doesn’t work.

Dont fully understand,
are you saying if you follow the “preview” link in admin it works ok, but if you browse the store front, it cant be seen.

do you have a link?

If you do empty search in the store-front, do you see any items?

Turns out the vendor was listed as suspended. I am wondering how this happened in the first place. Is it a database thing that needs to be looked at or is it a subscription thing?

What is the logic behind this?

I figured out the issue. Turns out that on the settings, the vendor had been listed as suspended.

However, I am wondering why this occurred in the first place since it should be working as it is. Do you have any thoughts? Is it a subscription thing or any logic behind this?

Yes, looks like the Vendor Plans disabled the vendor due to unpaid plan

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