Products list issue

I’m using cs cart 2.0.12, and I have an issue with my product list.

It is impossible to have in the products list the “add to cart button” and “add to wish list” like we can see it on the demo store.

I have check the value in the admin section but I have nothing different both my value and the value in the demo store admin.

Thanks for your idea.

Seems like you are using list without options in Admin > Design > Appearance settings > Product List default layout. You want to use List not list without options.

Thanks for you answer but I have never use “list without option”, I have try the both solution but it is always the same, even if I have clean the cache,…

In the gif you can see my setup.

Do you know the file use for this product list, perharps it is corrupted ?

seems like you have something else going on because you have multiple views selected in your admin for the category page but your dropdown is empty based on the screenshot you supplied in your first post. Have you tried clearing the cache by adding &cc to your url?

My dropdown isn’t empty, and I can change the view by grid,… and when you choose another value, the appearance change.

For me, a reason could be a corrupted file of my products list template, perharps due to the different upgrade I have done.

Where I can check if my file is good or not, because I don’t see another reason for this issue ?

Current path: /skins//customer/blocks/list_templates/products_list.tpl I believe is the List template.

I have compare the file and this is the same.

I have also install a new skin ( austere) and with this skin all is good with the same setup.

I don’t know where is the problem, …it’s really strange.