Products disabling for no apparent reason

Products from multiple vendors are changing to Disabled for no apparent reason. I keep changing back to Active, but they keep reverting to Disabled.

I use Webkul’s Shopify Connector on my store, and the only thing these products have in common is that they have been created on CS-Cart rather than imported through Webkul’s add-on.

Any thoughts?

At first please make sure that the corresponding vendors are not disabled due to negative balance or unpaid plan

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Thank you. Yep, I’ve checked and there are no issues with the vendors. Do you have any other suggestions?

Do you perform import of products from 3rd party systems?

Yes, we use Webkul’s add-on called Shopify Connector. The products imported through that add-on are fine and are retaining their status, it’s the ones created within CS-Cart itself that are changing to Disabled.

Thank you!

It is required to add logs and examine the issue directly on your server