Production Variations


I am trying to figure out how to make the new product variations work for us.

We have 16 products all of which only differ by product title and the main image.

So I have chosen a product feature type that of "Variations as separate products". I want them as separate products because they are branded by sports team and it is important that they can be put into relevant sub categories...

However, they also share 10 secondary images.

Is there anyway that I can configure it so that they can share all 10 secondary images, but just have their own main image?


I think what would be nice is to be able to configure the behaviour of a product variation group. I think it might be possible ( I havent checked out hooks yet ) to be able to make the behavoiour of a product variation group to "share all images except main pair".... that way when images are updated for one product, they can be copied to the other products in the variation group (except main mair)...

Anyone else think that would be useful?