Product With Options

I think this is a common thing, but I am not sure?

So I want to list a product, and have many options that will go with it. In my case.....

Customer picks the blade style they want, then its goes to the next option, which is the handle material. Customer can see each option in text and in small photo. And then after they select handle option, then customer can select which type of sheath they would like, and then finally customer has an option of engraving name on handle, which will give a text box that they can type in what they would like engraved.

Yes I am a custom knife maker. :-)

So is this possible?



If I understood you correctly, you should set the Options type setting on the Update product page to Sequential.

It means that the options and variants are chosen one after another. Customers will be able to choose only the allowed option combinations.

I do not even see an option for Sequential? Or maybe I just am not understanding how the concept would work with cs-cart? I have tried a few things with no luck

Sequential is by clicking the options type tab to change to sequential

The in your product options>variants, open the extra tab and upload your images

Ok awesome found that, and seems like I am a step closer.

But when I do this it really does not show so good on my page? I am thinking my design is not going to work correctly? Also how would I go from step 1 (offering blade type), to step 2 (blade material type), to step 3 (offering handle type), to step 4 (offering leather type). Seems like I only can go from step 1 to step 2?

Here is the sample item I am trying to make this work.

I do not see options on the mentioned example. But if the default feature does not work on your store, contact the developers who changed your theme

Yeah looks like your theme is not allowing.

If you want to get a grip on it, try adding some sequential options to the cs cart demo store, so you can see how it works.

I used it and works well

Ok thanks, I guess at this point my design is keeping me from using this option. . I kind of wish sometimes I just start from scratch and use the standard version. I am no programmer or web guru so these things are hard for me. Thanks for the help guys.