Product/Vendor Premoderation should be visible existing one until updates are approved

I have noticed that there are some issus with product vendor premoderation:

  1. when a vendor does some changes to a product for example it just updates the text or it makes a small correction. The product will not be visible on markeplace until it is approved. This is a bad ideea and has a negative impact on all parties vendor, marketplace, customers.
    You should display the existing product as it was before changes done by vendor. Subsequently if you approve changes to be displayed product with changes approved.

  2. If a vendor delete a product and was part of campaign or promotion of the marketplace how we deal with this? It should be a premoderation also for deleting products. We don t want some products to be deleted by mistake or are part o a contract with customers. Customers need to have access to products after they paid for it. For example a digital product.


I would also like to see number 1 implemented.

I understand the rational for number 2 and also support it but it is a lower priority for me. I think if number 2 is implemented this should be optional, e.g. active, not active, conditionaly active i.e. requires approval if product forms part of product bundle or promotion.

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I like the first one as well. It makes the marketplace consistent and reliable. Let the original product run as per normal while an edited copy of it is sent for moderation, and when approved then the updated version replaces the original one in real time.


@CS-Cart_team the same issue happen when vendor updates their data. it happened these days that a vendor updated his profile photo and its products and its profile were not visible anymore on our cs cart website. his products were part of paid campaign and and we realized that the product were not visible anymore. This has a negative impact on us and also for vendors and customer. Let say customer was in the middle of buying the product at checkout page but suddenly the product is not visible anymore

Please fix this as soon as possible

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I have added this case to the initial request. As this is not a bug, but a feature request, I am afraid I cannot tell you when the necessary changes will be made.

@CS-Cart_team any news about this? This is very very important for us to be implemented. If vendors do any small changes in their data, their profile will not be active and also their products will be turned off/hidden.
who pays the marketing for products not being displayed?
What to tell to vendors when they see that theirs products are not visible?

They say why my account is not active anymore and why the products are not visible?
Will you answer them?

Sorry, but no news here. Since this is a feature request, it is something that is unlikely to be added in the short terms.

Are you serious? this is a feature request?
Something that impact us negatively (a feature done by you in bad way) is a feature?

Folks what do you think about @CS-Cart_team statement?

I am afraid, but this is the default behavior, that was made intended. So a task to change this default behavior is Feature request.

You can disable this feature in your installation, by commenting out these lines:

        if (fn_vendor_data_premoderation_diff_company_data($company_data, $orig_company_data) || !empty($logotypes)) {
            $company_data['status'] = VendorStatuses::PENDING;

in the fn_vendor_data_premoderation_update_company_pre function, in the app/addons/vendor_data_premoderation/hooks.functions.php file. Please note that these changes may be lost during an upgrade.