Product varient order & defaullt

First time using the product varient / option combination. This is a great feature. Question I created product “Lanyard” Then created the option (color) and varients (7 possible), then the option combination (7 possible). Its easy enough to change the order of the options, but the default seems to stay with the first option I typed in. I have rearanged the order, but that did not help. Now the default is the third option.

How can I change the default option?

Next Question: search on the option, name or product code does not seem possible, unless I put all in the search of the main product. This may confuse some when they type in rub red lanyard and see a picture of a blue one. It would be great if the thumbnail image shown in search and catagory views was the one from the main product. This would show all the possible colors of the product.

Any thought on this?

Thanks for any help,


Has anyone got any ideas on this question? Only thing I can think of is to redo all options/varients. Maybe somewhere in the db I can change it?

Thanks for any help,