Product Thumbnails - Download Files Page

Hi Everyone,

I have finally upgraded my store to version 4 (currently 4.1.4) and I have been working on the template before launching.

My store primarily sells downloadable files and I have always wanted to be able to display the 'product thumbnail' alongside the download link.

The 'Preview File' you can upload in the file download section never showed on the download page (nothing in the template file calls it) and I have never been able to figure out what to actually call.

I've been playing around with the download.tpl/file.tree.tpl templates for hours, trying to call the product thumbnail using something along the lines of

{include file="common/image.tpl" image_width="50" image_height="50" images=$product.main_pair no_ids=true link_class="float-left"}

but I am clearly not passing the correct data as it just displays the 'no image' code.

I even looked up the code for the 'preview file' in the admin area and I managed to display the 'preview file name' but that was all. I culdn't figure out what variables to send the image.tpl

Ideally, I would prefer to just be able to call the product thumbnail that is already there, rather than upload another image to the 'preview file' if at all possible.

Is anyone able to help point me in the right direction?

Thank you for your help.


No ideas on this one guys?

Oh and I had to laugh when I finally learned what the 'preview' file is yesterday - I understand now that it gets displayed in the 'files' tab on the product page as a sample to download. No wonder it isn't displayed on the downloads page. facepalm