Product Thumbnail Previewer Is Not Working


Currently we're using Cs cart 4.2.1 on our live store Nowadays product thumbnail previewer on the product page does not work. Product main image was not changed when we click thumbnails at the bottom.

Please take look at this issue on our product page

Please any one..


This issue requires examination on your server. Please contact us via Help Desk so that we can examine it in more detail.

The issue is caused by the following javascript error:

CloudZoom is not a function

Try to reinstall the Image zoom module

We would like to reinstall the Imgae zoom module on the admin section. But in the Cs cart once we uninstall the module its completely deleted on the addon list. How can i solve this issue. Please advice.

You can install the Image zoom add-on in the Browse all available add-ons tab in the CS-Cart admin panel.

Thanks for the quick reply. I cant see Browse all available add-ons tab on the Cs cart admin addons page.Please check the attached screenshots. How can i enable these two? Please help.


As we can see version of your CS-Cart installation is 4.2.1. This tab was added in CS-Cart version 4.2.2. It seems that language variables were removed from your CS-Cart installation. That is why the Image zoom add-on is not available on the Add-ons > Manage add-ons page in the CS-Cart admin panel. Please copy the var/langs directory from CS-Cart version 4.2.1 distribution package to your CS-Cart installation.

I have tried to reinstall the Image zoom module. But no luck. Please any one

It is required to examine the issue directly on your server. We have never faced such an issue with this module