Product tabs

I am just starting out with a trial version of the new v.4 cart (actually, it was set up through my website host, so it kicked me out of the 30 day trial period after clicking the first button in admin) So forgive me this simple question:

I am looking to add a new text box as a product tab. No matter what I do, I can only see the default Discription tab. I have read though the knowledge base etc. and have added a new tab per the instructions but nothing new shows up; no tab, and no text box on the product page to info into. What I am doing wrong? Is this because of the “end” of the trial version, or am I missing something? Maybe I sould delete this version of the cart and start over with a down load from the official source?

Ok, FInally figured it out myself. I wish the documentation was better for how do to this. It took me forever to find the area where you input the information for the tab that was created. Or to figure out what type of Block to choose, etc.

Hello hyena65!

It's unlikely because of the end of a trial period.

Please make sure you do everything right.


[]In the admin panel select the necessary store.

]Go to Design → Product tabs.

[]Click the Add tab button.

]Enter the necessary name and choose the block - Create new block - HTML block.

[]In the Content tab enter the necessary content.

]Press the Create button.

[]Clear the admin cache.

]Open any product in the storefront to see the tab. Make sure that you view the product in the correct storefront.

[*]If you would like to apply this tab to certain product only. Click “Edit” for this tab in the admin panel, in the Status tab disable it for the necessary products.


Please, try these steps. It should help. Don't forget to clear the cache (add ?cc to the admin url - for ex. your_store/admin.php?cc).

Best regards, Alt-team