Product Tables and Product Import

Is there a way to completely clear the Product and Inventory tables? I am trying to load a new 3.5 store with Product using the import feature. First attempt worked fine, but then I changed categories around in the CSV and re-imported with “Delete all existing product files before import” checked. Now, the products where I changed the categories, are not being found. The categories import okay, but not the products. When I delete all Products and Categories and retry the import, same thing happens. I also noticed after deleting all the products that the admin panel is showing Products in inventory. It appears that not all tables are getting properly cleared when products are deleted. I’m close to just reinstalling everything but thought I would try the forum first.

Maybe an export of product and then an import would work to clear any orphan records in the database. Any ideas from others would be most appreciated.

The problem with my category changes effecting products, is that some of the category concatenations ended in the delimeter “///” in the CSV, which seems to throw the products into an invisible subcategory. I had an excel function which concatenated subcategory columns into a single category column, and any products with a third sub-category got an “///” appended to it.

If you can isolate the problem products by some criteria, you can either use the mass edit feature in Mange Products to reassign the product category or you could export the products to a CSV file and clean them up in Excel beofre reimporting.