Product Search, Product Viewing From Individual Vendor Store

I am using multivendor 4.7.2,

I have multiple vendors of same category. I have a problem when customer searching the product & choosing a vendor.

Is there a easy way for my customer to choose the vendor and order the items without going back to the main page whenever customer click on a product for viewing & searching for a new product,

I mean to say, When a customer choose a vendor, I want him to stay in the vendor store screen only, whether viewing a product or searching a product inside the selected vendor store. So that i can make my customer to see only the items available in the selected vendor. when customer didn't find his items he can go for a next vendor store and search/order items from the next store, etc...

Why it is required for my customer.

1. He can purchase all his items from one vendor.

2. He can save unnecessary transportation charges when unknowingly buying product from another vendor, who may be far away from his location and not offering free delivery.

What is store benefit.

1. We make sure our customer focus on one vendor he selected, who is closer to his location (or) know to him.

2. I can make my vendor happy, by controlling all his customer order to his store only.