Product search is acting screwy

My website is at:

My search function is acting screwy and I just can’t figure out why. Am hoping that someone might be able to help me with this. It seems that when you start searching something the site sporadically displays products that are not mine. I don’t know if these are possibly demo products or what, though all demo/sample products have been deleted from my install.

I am attaching a screenshot because this doesn’t ALWAYS happen, and there doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason to when it happens.

Also, the AJAX? search function doesn’t exactly ‘work for me’ on my site, is there a way to make it where it doesn’t prefill possible matches? I’m thinking there is no real benefit to this other than convenience, right?

Any advice would be appreciated! I am new to csCart and other than a couple little minor things like this I am LOVING IT! So happy to get away from, should I say, “my x-cart”. :rolleyes:



NOTE: NONE of the products shown in this drop down list are my products, and I have a product that has “mom” in it’s name and several others that have “mom” in the search tags. :unsure:


The good news: These products are from the demo and must still be stored in the 'search' related tables in your database, I am assuming when you click the product, the cart produces a 404 Not Found error?

I searched Google for some of this text with customisations to pick up the CS Cart 'powered by' - one of the sites gave a 'Malicious Content' warning by Google and again by Firefox. Might just be coincidental though.

Just to be on the safe side, change all passwords anyway with secure non-dictionary passwords for your server, if possible, your database credentials, CS-Cart login credentials, etc.

I had a similar problem with one table being cleared of deleted data but another table had not, which produced similar results, CS Cart support rebuilt the database table.

Do you have direct access to your database, through your control panel? You could try Repair all the tables in the database and see if that helps. Back up the database first though just to be safe.

Those are the demo products.

Just go into administration => Addons => Quick Search and rebuild your quick search catalog.

I highly doubt this is any kind of hack or anything.

Hope that helps,


Wow, I am really confused.

I do have full access to the cpanel so I can rebuild the database if necessary. I can run a repair on it. But, I have had an issue with several pages delivering 404 errors, all in the admin. I have spent several support points having them put back into place. Not sure that's related though.

The Google search and malicious content confuses me. Did those searches relate directly to my site or just those products, which could be on any csCart site that has demo products?

I looked at the add ons and have TWO quick search add on's in there. One is active and installed (I resynced it), the other is non-active. Is this normal?

Btw, thank you for such thorough replies!

Fortunately Google does not show any malware on the site (in Webmaster tools)

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Fortunately Google does not show any malware on the site (in Webmaster tools)


This really concerned me, and I had an open ticket with support so I mentioned it. I have pages missing from my admin panel and got thinking maybe these were related (you know, if I had a hack or something).

Anyway, this is what support said:

I have investigated your issue. It occurred because the “Searchanise” add-on was installed on your web-store. Please let me explain it. This add-on is only for CS-Cart Community Edition, however it was installed on your web-store for some reason. I have disabled it and installed the “Quick Search” add-on for CS-Cart Professional Edition. After that Quick search started working properly.

Well, I am still confused but apparently it is fixed, so I am not complaining. :P

Did you upgrade from the Community version to Pro? That might explain the Searchanize thing. Either that or someone manually moved the Searchanize addon over and installed it on your store.

Glad it is working though.



Yes, I did an upgrade. That's probably it.