Product Review Request

Dear Community

here I present a simple new paid add-on "Click"


This magnificent extension allows user to send reminder to customers in form of invitation to make a review of the items purchased after a period based on the order status selected.


  • 1. Automatic review request mail can be send to the customers based on the selection of time duration and status of order at admin end.
  • 2. Comments and review addon should be install and active.
  • 3. The extension supports the default CS-Cart RMA system.
  • 4. Admin can set order status based on which review request will generate.
  • 5. The option to send and resend requests manually to an individual customer is provided.
  • 6. Option of email template is provided.
  • 7. Generate the review request mail based on order or individual products of that specific order.
  • 8. Immediate review request mail can be generated at admin end.
  • 9. Well integrated with CS-Cart Multivendor.

Please click here to view the demo "Click"

We will be glad for any comments..

Thank you