Product Request By A Customer

Hey Guys,

currently I am facing the problem, that I would like to offer registered customers the possibility to make an individual request so that vendors can contact them with an offer.

Fiverr offers a corresponding function -> when you are logged in and click on "post a request" on your profile.
I would be very happy to get some help.
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Additional custom development work is required to do it. You can only create form in form builder and enabled it for registered users only. But the request detailed will be sent to one e-mail only. You should share it to vendors manually


We have the CS-Cart modification "Request a quote".

If you have sample products on the website, the clients choose one of the sample products, write in comments their own sizes or demands to the final product, attach it to the request form. You see in the admin panel their quote.

It's possible to redesign it for the MultiVendor edition.

Contact us to discuss the details.

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