Product Premoderation should be visible existing one until updates are approved

I have noticed that there are some issus with product vendor premoderation:

  1. when a vendor does some changes to a product for example it just updates the text or it makes a small correction. The product will not be visible on markeplace until it is approved. This is a bad ideea and has a negative impact on all parties vendor, marketplace, customers.
    You should display the existing product as it was before changes done by vendor. Subsequently if you approve changes to be displayed product with changes approved.

  2. If a vendor delete a product and was part of campaign or promotion of the marketplace how we deal with this? It should be a premoderation also for deleting products. We don t want some products to be deleted by mistake or are part o a contract with customers. Customers need to have access to products after they paid for it. For example a digital product.

I think number 1 is a good idea, on the deleting I personally wouldn’t want to take away that control from the vendor. If they could be optional settings (between current and suggested behaviour) it could work for everyone.

Try adding your suggestions to the wishlist/features category.

Thanks for the feedback.

I have forwarded the first one idea to the developers. I cannot guarantee anything, but at least I personally like this one :smiley: