Product pages loading

Is there a way to have the product pages to just load on top of a current one instead of having the loading applet appearing on the top?

I would like to just click on the page numbers and load the whole page on top of the one I am viewing…

is it possible?

It's an AJAX request and the loading box is part of the standard AJAX mechanism in the cart.

So there is no way to remove it and have the pages load normally?

I have two customers who already complained about it…

is it because that way it loads faster? how can I work this around? They are making it such a big deal…

Cs-cart has chosen to use AJAX rather than reloading the page. I would NOT get rid of the loading box because people might wonder what's going on. But you can take a look at js/ajax.js and wade through all the uncommented code to find where the loading box is launched and then disable it there.

Good luck.

It is not the loader that it is bothering them it is the fact that the page does not load “like all the other websites” they see…

I am really trying to make them understand it is not a big deal it will not change anything in terms of effectiveness of the store…

do you have any suggestion of what else can I tell them?

Nope, I don't offer customer management advice…

:) I think cs cart works great…wonder why they got so focused on that ajax loader!

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:) I think cs cart works great…wonder why they got so focused on that ajax loader!


The faster you make your site load, the less time your customers have to think about the spinning whirlygig image at the top of the page, best for your customers to think to themselves “I thought I saw something flash across my screen, although now it’s not there, oh well” ;-)

My bet is you are giving them a bit too much time to think about it causing the occasional customer’s concern…

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Nope, I don’t offer customer management advice…


Now that truly was funny! :grin:

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Now that truly was funny! :grin:


yes it actually is…I really like this community I found some good guys here and I am always trying to do my part to help when I can…except I am developing my knowledge about cs-cart…but I will get there

what they did not like was not the loader icon on top, but the fact that when they are browsing the product pages and they are at the bottom of the page, when they click on page 2 for example the new page loads and automatically bring them back to the top…

I think that is really cool and useful actually, but they see it as something that bothers them as they said they have never seen in the other e-commerce websites they know…

I think it is bs…but of coure I was inquiring to try to make them happy

Never question the customer's logic… They usually have none so trying to convice them it is incorrect is usually a head-banger.

So they want to go to the end of a long page and click 'page 2' and then they want to be at the bottom of the new data for page 2 that they just loaded so they can scroll back up to the top?

Figures. You're just gonna have to tell them that you agree wholeheartedly with them but unfortunately, that's just the way it is.

Have them show you a site that behaves as they describe. Might be good entertainment anyway… If AJAX were NOT used, there is no way they are going to get to the bottom of the screen.

[quote]I think it is bs…but of coure I was inquiring to try to make them happy[/quote]

Well, if you still have some customers that use AOL email addresses, and unless they purchase from you in large volumes, try to replace them with Web 2.0 customers! :shock:

I know what you guys are sayin…i totally agree…

I just hate to know that my customers are not happy of what I think is a great product…

I tried oher carts out there and cs cart is the best I found so far

Oh well…hope they will appreciate it…

by the way since I have you here talking where do I start with SEO for cs-cart?

thank you for your replies guys…makes me feel better and makes me think I am doing a good job

For the SEO queston, I would start with the KB articles listed here which will get you well on your way:

[i][i][url=“CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation”]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

The actual CS-Cart Manual (links at top of this forum page) most likely also has a fair amount of detail.

Then it is easier/best for you to search the forums for specific SEO issues you may encounter along the way.

[quote]I tried other carts out there and cs cart is the best I found so far

Oh well…hope they will appreciate it…


They will, it is like the age old phrase “People Hate Change”, and they for the majority absolutely do, although it can & will grow on them!