Product Page Speed

our product pages take considerably more time to load compared to the rest of our website pages. as you can see below our homepage loads in 3.50s, whilst an example product page loaded in 7.18s (+3.68s). we’re running version 2.2.4 pro and only had this issue since we upgraded from 2.0.12.


Page Speed Grade B (81%)

YSlow Grade B (82%)

Page load time 3.50s

Total page size 595KB

Total # of requests 51


Page Speed Grade B (82%) +1%

YSlow Grade C (74%) -8%

Page load time 7.18s +3.68s

Total page size 576KB -19.2KB

Total # of requests 55 +4

is it rather normal then that the rest of the sites pages load in around 3 seconds? its just our product pages that take in excess of 10 seconds to load, no others.

we didn't have this issue with previous versions of cs-cart, i wonder if its something to do with the upgrade performed, as we also noticed that product options that used to be tracked, and no longer are, now also take around 10 seconds to load when switching between them.

there is no load issues with our server so it must be something to do with how cs-cart loads our products pages and tracked options.

looks like we have figured out what is increasing the product page loading time on our site. within our product features, we have a brand option that has a few hundred variants.

looks as though every time a product page is loaded that has a brand variant assigned to it, it takes an extra 7-9 seconds for the product page to load.

is there any other way we can have the brand feature set up for our products to stop this load time?

i'm assuming that the large amount of variants, along with their descriptions. images, etc. all have to be loaded in one go on each and every product page load, which its what it causing this speed issue.

(also when we try to edit these brand variants, sometimes they do not load at all, its just blank as though the script runs out of memory)


You can achieve shorter page loading time by reducing the number of http requests. Try combining all your images in CSS sprites. This will allow rendering the specific part of the big image instead of multiple images. Also, try optimising your images by reducing their size and using the correct formats: jpeg or png.

You can also use Shopping Cart Diagnostics to locate why your product pages are slow to load. You'll also be offered some optimisation tips to speed up your site.

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Shopping Cart Diagnostics Team

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