Product Page Request For Quote Form

I am looking to have a Request For Quote form that would appear on every product page (if so selected in the admin page) that would auto load all of the product information (product id and all selected option variants) along with the usual form fields. If anyone knows if this already exists in a mod, or knows of a way to pull this off with a standard 2.1.4 Pro install, please let me know. If anyone would also like to quote the development of this I would appreciate it as well. Thanks.

Hi there,

I believe that this could be made with the alteration of a free mod called Product inquiry (More Than 4 Free Add-Ons - Upcoming features - CS-Cart Community Forums).

If I can change the Subject line to something stable like Quote for and then the product name via variable, you already have name and email and send.

I think its doable.

let me know

[font=“Verdana”]I can help you with this if you like.

I was planning to link to a custom form on another page, but that would take the customer away from the product area and make things too “Overwhelming”.

What I did was just make a new tab and add the code as a tab next to the “Description” tab. Once the details are filled in (or if logged in, their details are auto filled) they are redirected back to the product page once submitted.

Quite simple! A few tpl files, php files and an XML file for the addon. Also had to create a file for the email content and formatting, and also for the subject.

Online Product Enquiry: {$send_data.product_code}} - {$send_data.product|unescape}

If you need further details or would like to use my addon please let me know via PM.


Tested in CS-Cart v2.2.1 / 2.2.2[/font]


What you are looking for its called product inquiry and you can find it for free here : More Than 4 Free Add-Ons - Upcoming features - CS-Cart Community Forums

For the modifications you mention try to tweak the files in skin/customer/addon.