Product Page Error

Hey All,

I’m trying to upload all my products via .csv (around 2,500) and followed all of the formatting properties in the documentation and getting the following error:

Warning: strpos() [function.strpos]: Empty delimiter in /sitepath/product_options.tpl.php on line 53

All products are being imported fine and into their right category but this error appears on the product page. Not sure what to do. :confused: Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.

Using CS-CART: version 2.1.2 PROFESSIONAL


Anyone? :confused:

did you view that product in admin panel?

maybe you have blank options , check the product in admin.

Have you tried clearing your cache as the error is coming from a cached file


No it’s not a caching issue. Do i have to create the product options first in the admin panel? The do the import? I thought it would create the product options on import of the .csv. :confused: Maybe i’ll try creating the options first then reference them in my csv file :rolleyes:

Double checck your csv import file, it is looking for options that are not there. Its nothing great to worry about it is just an options thing.

export one product and see what is wrong in the option field