Product options

2 questions regarding product options.

  1. Is there a way to link to a product with a specific product option selected?

    For example, my product option is “Size”, and I want a link to open up the product with “LG” size already selected. But I don’t want it to default to that every time, cause the link will change every week. Sometimes it’ll link to the “MD” size. I was thinking of maybe adding a line in the url as a variable? But this cs-cart code is not at all like the php I learned lol.

  2. Is there a way to remove the price modifier to display on each option? Right now it shows a “+$5.00” or such, on each option. It’s kind of ugly and confusing to the customer. I just want the name.

    Here’s an example of my test product:



Don’t understand the first part but to not display modifiers go to admin/ settings/appearance and untick the display option modifiers box


Hey johnbol1,

I tried that but nothing happens…

should work, I have just tried mine again, perhaps you need to clear your cache after making changes


Hmm…must be my version that’s not working then. (2.1.1)

works ok on the demo., 2.11

make sure you are clearing your sites cache and also your browswers cache too, this is where I always get caught out.