Product options

This is what I need. I currently have a product with two options. Option 1 increases the item price accordingly. I want Option 2 to multiply by the price as it stands after being modified by option 1, not by the product price. Anyone know how to do this?

For example, the product price is $1.

For option 1, I select the dropdown 5 which increases the price to $5.

For option 3, I want to select the dropdown 2 which would increase the price to $10.

However, the way I see this working now, option 2 multiplies by the original product price of $1 and adjusts the overall price to $7, instead of the $10 I am looking for.

Please let me know if I am clear enough on this one. I am sure there is a workaround for this.



Sorry but couldn’t really understand what you are looking to do, can you be a little clearer.


We required the same thing basically - we needed an “extended warranty” option which would multiply the adjusted price (after other options had already modified the price). We ended up paying CS-Cart to put this in place. Original quote was $200 - so it’s definitely possible!