Product options .........ver 2.14


I am selling boots. I have 14 sizes (7-14 with half sizes) and they come in 3 widths(B,D & EE). Problem is I don’t know to set them up.

I know I can import via a csv file and for each boot input something like this

Size: S[7,7B,7D,7EE,7.5,7.5B,7.5D,7.5EE,8…and so on].

This will create a drop down box with each of the sizes.

The problem is:

1)The dropdown box will be very long

2) I know that I could also include a second dropdown box (one for sizes and one for widths) like this…

Size: S[7,7,5,8,8.5,9,9.5,10…]; Width: S[B,D,EE]

The problem now is that not ALL sizes come in ALL widths.

Can someone please direct me in the CORRECT way to accomplish this.

Please help!! PLEASE!

You may want to try product combination “exceptions”.

Im not 100% how to set it but it will do what you want.


If you don’t care about the inventory, you can have 3 choices:

Choice 1: 7-14

Choice 2: Half size plus - yes/no

Choice 3: Width B,D, EE

This easy combination would do what you want.

Excellent. I will try those ideas.

Thanks guys, and thank you for getting back. I apreciate it! Stan