Product Options Tooltips

Hey all, new user of CS-Cart here. Been using X-cart for about 6 years and just got tired of having to hack it to pieces to get it to do what I wanted. CS is soooo much better out of the box!

Anyway, quick question for all of you modders out there… I have complex items with very specific product options. I would like to have a way to add a description to a product option for more information.

For instance,

I have a product option called “thread size”. I’d like a mouse-over tool tip with added information such as “Select the size that matches your camera lens. Check the size needed by looking at the ‘o’ symbol and the number in millimeters following…”

Basically just a detailed description of each product option to give the user more information for each selection if they need it.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

I heard rumors that cs is re-working the product options, I don’t know if this is one of there features but we’ll et them know, it would be nice to have tooltips added…

Excellent! That would be a great feature to have built in.