Product Options Have Own Product Code?


Is there any way (through CS-Cart or an add-on) to set up my products so each option variant has its own product code? For example, if I have different sizes for a product set up in a drop down, each size has its own product code.

Thank you!



Try to use product option comnbinations:

CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.15.x documentation

You can create combinations even if only one product option is defined to the product.


THANK YOU! That is exactly what I needed!

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THANK YOU! That is exactly what I needed!


You are welcome!

Hmmm - another related queston now though - is there any way to not track inventory but still use the product option combinations?

Why do you need this?

is there something that is causing problem to you with invetory?

It makes you set a quantity that you have in inventory, and I don't want to have to monitor it or have it say the product is out of stock when I'm not using the inventory feature to keep track of inventory. I just want to be able to have options for my product that have different product codes.

Oh I think I got it - I found a setting for “Allow negative inventory”, and when that's checked, the “Out of Stock” message doesn't show for users, and they can put their product in the cart. Thanks!