Product options and page reload

On product page, when you select an option, the page is reloaded. This is very annoying if you have a lot of product options.

I also have magic scroll addon installed for images, magic scroll disappears and reload everytime when an option is selected.

Why CS-cart works like this? It's the only cart in the market who handle product options this way!

Hi @ghostrider,

Please check http://demo.cs-cart…100g-pants.html, the page is not reloading

You have install an addon who use javascript and have some errors and maybe this is the reason why page is reloading ;)

Please check for javascript errors


[quote]the page is not reloading[/quote]

… yes, it is. AJAX in action. Just as soon as we find time we'll be trying to find how to disable such utterly pointless reloading ourselves.

I can understand the need for reloads (recalculations) on price and quantity changes, but not for simple product options.

It's AJAX feature but not js error.

[quote]On product page, when you select an option, the page is reloaded.[/quote]

This is the reason why i sad

I thought it was needed to reload if you have options with exceptions and images with the different options. I have many options also and see the reload, but I though it was do to all the option combinations/exceptions and the images. Also, the prices/weights are recalculated when the options change. This can be done without reloading/refreshing?


Prestashop, opencart, magento, etc. All these systems do not reload/refresh when you select an option. I don't know the coding and mechanism, but I really hope Cs-cart could improve this!