Product options and independent skus/item #'s

I have a store that will sell a product model with multiple color options.For example Widget A comes in red, blue and green. Each variation has its own prorduct sku.

I have looked at the knowledge base and see where i can set up a product option with variant for each color. However, it is my understanding these will all be under the same main product number. I need to have the individual sku for whatever color variation is bought show up in the cart and on the receipt; so I know what to order from the vendor (this is a drop shipped product).

In this product’s case, there are color variations, but they have the same price. As I see it I have these issues trying to sell a product with color variations:

  1. Showing the customer all the available colors on the product detail page so they can “click through” each option.
  2. Having each color variation use its own SKU and have that sku show up throughout the order process.

    Can anyone provide advice on the best way to handle products with variations within cs-cart.

I think I solved my problem. I found in the knowledge base that I can assign combinations toa products options and those can have independent sku’s. This is an almost perfect solution in that I created the option for colors and then gave it my colors as variants. I then added a product option combination composed of each of the colors and their unique sku. This gave me a drop down with the colors my customers can choose and the product code changes based upon the selection. The only shortcoming with this method is how tedious it is to use and that choosing a color does not alter the product image to the chosen color, the way most stores would do.