Product Option Variation Prices for User Groups

I need an addon that will let me enter a product price, and variation prices for each user group. Right now I have two users groups, one group pays MSRP for products while Dealers should be paying a third of the MSRP. A product with MSRP of $183.00 dealers should pay $61.00 that some what works qity discounts setting it to qty 1 price $61 for the product but products also have variations and different prices. CS-cart only lets me set a modifier on the option/variation and this modifier / price is applied right now for both dealers and the other users. A dealers modifier should be $14 for example on a product variation and another user groups should be $42, these modifiers should be applied to the qty discount price. Please message me asap with questions and quotes to do this.



Take a look at:


It might do what you want. There has been one bug reported but I never got any feedback. It is possible that it will say it updated zero products when in fact the update was fine… And besides, it’s pretty cheap!

So with this addon, when I bulk edit product prices it will have new price fields that I can set for each user group. Some what similar to the qty discount form/layout? I’m not sure how it would handle price variations. Setting the catalog promotion seems to have worked, but this addon looks good and i’m sure would come in handy in other configurations. And yes the price if very affordable.

Did you read the documentation? It (along with the screen shots) should answer your questions. Documentation is in the Attachements area of the tabsbox.

I’m not even sure I’m in the right thread here, but I want something similar and didn’t want to necessarily create a new thread.

What I need is the ability to allow certain users to login to my store and be able to receive an automatic 25% discount on everything. BUT, the 25% must be from the LIST PRICE, not the PRICE. Is this possible?

Some of my products are already discounted (to generate sales), but I do not want the 25% off people coming to my store and getting an additional discount off an already discounted item.

So, if my list price is $10, but I’m currently running a special on it for $7.95, I want the 25% people to pay $7.50 for it, not $5.96.

Any help would be appreciated.

tbirnseth, will your mod mentioned above do this?

The mod I did takes advantage of the fact that List price is not used for anything in the store other than to display the discount (and discount label). So I had the customer load their system up with list price being the “cost” and the price being real “list price” (I.e. list_price was always less than or equal to price).

They then provide a matrix that has rows of manufacturers with columns of groups and a specified equation in the cells (like L*.895, C*1.20, etc.) where L= List price (which is actually “price”) and C = list_price and represents cost. It works great and there are about 12000 product which comes out to 500,000 different prices for their various agents and distributors.

Obviously this is a real commercial operation but the same concepts can be applied. As long as list_price is below price, it will not factor into anything in the cart. Hence we can calculate from price and list_price to arrive at the group pricing with the exception of group 0 which is what defines price.

We could have added a cost column in the products, but it wasn’t necessary based on what they wanted to do.

Hope that all makes sense.

I don’t think I’m fully comprehending what you’re saying here, but the question remains: can I achieve what I asked above with your mod?

No, not without changing the model from whih prices are derived. List price is ONLY used for displaying a discount. It is not used in any other calculations so it can’t be used in things like the product_prices table nor applied to groups.

Any idea what you might charge to make my cart work this way?

Couple of hours of custom development to:

Take an import CSV that identified the groups you want to adjust prices for and the products (or extend the current products CSV import) which would then set group pricing for products as a factor of the list_price iff the result would be less than price.

Depending on the number of products and the number of groups that could be affected would determine whether to do it as an extension of a standard import or whether to simply make it a separate import.

Better to discuss this privately via email versus here on the forum. Drop me a note to (remove the X’s) with the list of requirements and we can discuss from there.

Wondering what the possibility would be of creating a second site for wholesale customers… Would need to keep it out of Google though. Any thoughts on this?

Easiest approach would just be to have a special sub-domain with robots.txt saying don’t go here. Then have the login process on the main site detect that it is a wholesale customer (by group) and then log them into the other site.

At least that’s a general approach. Specific needs might demand more specific approach.

I was starting to think that this second site idea might be a good one, only to realize that it’s impossible because of inventory tracking. Bummer.