Product option prices dissapearing

Long story short I have had some problems with an addon I had done and whether the problems below was caused solely by it or not I have had a few problems arising since its install which I have managed mostly to get sorted. I have a main problem left now in that when ever I select a product with options and add the product to the cart, the option modifier price drops and the product reverts back to a standard product without any options or option prices associated with it.

For instance I have a hi vis vest £1.50, then add printing option £1.50, but it appears in the cart as normal unprinted price of £1.50, I seem to remember similar posts previously but cant locate them.

Steps I have taken to eliminate things up to now,

Disabled any and all third party addons

Replaced each directory 1 by 1 with a backup, I didnt want to do the full site in 1 go as I wouldnt have seen the culprit file.

Cleared cache each time any changes were made and re checked, but still the same.

At each point of change I checked and still same result.

Can anyone point me where to next ?

you can try for yourself here by adding a print option the add to cart,…vest-en471.html




I cloned the site to an old sub directory a long while back with different styling-testing etc etc and that is fine, does anyone know which files/folders maybe control the option prices to stick which i could copy from the sub site.