Product option price and product quantity


My cuestion is about Product option price and product quantity.

Each time, when the user selected one of 3 options (Ex. one of products have 3 options: +200$ packing, +300$ packing and +600$ packing), if the user choosed one of the following option (ex: +200$ ) and the product quantity selected 2, the option price added to 2 product quantity price:


If product price is: 100$, and user selected product quantity 2 (it well be coast 200$) , and after, when user select any of options, the option price adding for the each product by one, and it’s price is very big.

Now, i want to change product option price for all product quantity’s.<br />


Product price is: 100$,

Product quantity selected: 2,

Product option: +200$

it’s must be like this: ( 100 x 2 ) + 200$ for packing, and NOT like this: ( 100$+ 200$ ) x 2.

THANK YOU for your solution!

Any solution?

Hey friends, anybody know how to solve this problem?

It requires customization of the cart process to ensure that an option is only applied for quantity 1. Unfortunately, there is not a property within the option to flag it to be used in this way so the options have to be extended to do so.