Product Option Groups

I’d like to create product option groups specifically so I can disable or enable a group if primary choice is made.

A similar example is the 1.3.5 gift_certificates page ([url][/url]): if a user selects “Send via email”, the whole “Send via postal mail” group / section, is disabled.

The real-life situation is:

The client has 3 different fabric choices, (Type I, Type II, Type III) each with 50+ fabrics. What they’d like to see is an initial radio button selection:

[ ] Type I [ ] Type II [ ] Type III

[ Type I choices dropdown _____________]

[ Type II choices dropdown _____________]

[ Type III choices dropdown ____________]

The initial state is all drop-downs are disabled.

If Type I radio button is clicked, only Type I drop down is active and so on.

We’ve tried the Exceptions product options tool in the Admin, however we’d have to create exceptions for each of the 50+ x 3 (150 exceptions per product!) types, which would be tough for the client to manage.

Any ideas would be appreciated.