product option .css space

I am trying to find the .css to make this gap smaller and looked for about an hour. Can anyone help please

Ive tried adding margin-right allows me to add a 10px but wont take a -10px

[font=Consolas,][color=#777777].product-list-field label[/color],.vendor-list-field label,#content_subscribtion .form-field label {[/font]

[color=#C80000]padding[/color]: 6px 0;

[color=#C80000]width[/color]: 140px;

[color=#C80000]color[/color]: #757575;

[color=#C80000]margin-right[/color]: -9px;




Alot of these things are set based on the product image thumbnail width…

However, as a general rule…

Lower the 'padding-left' value of:


Increase by the same amount the 'margin-left' value of:

.product-list-field label

So .product-list-field padding-left was 120px, reduce it to 110px. .product-list-field label margin-left was -120px, increase it to -110px.

This will keep the “Option Name” in the same position but pull the “Option Dropdown” 10px to the left, closer to the option name.

Thanks for reply,

I was looking at this also as I had added the select field to be longer and altered the margin in there. -33px works a treat. I needed this as it was fine in the normal store but conflicted with the product designer addon template I was using for some products.

select {

height: 2.2em;

max-width: 100%;

min-width: 15em;

line-height: 2.2em;

margin-left: -33px;