Product Option Confirm adding to cart

My items have a option checkbox (yes/no) to add a sticker for $x.xx.

If added to the shopping cart and option is NOT checked I would like a to configure popup message asking “are you sure you don’t want to add this option”.

–Sometimes customers overlook this checkbox.

The concept is similar to the godaddy shopping cart.

I have tried serveral code mods, such as mouseover the “add to cart” button that will show a popup, but it dosen’t always work or in all browsers.

Any other suggestions out there?

What about using the required products section for the item instead of an option then just allowing “0” of that option to be added to the cart if they dont want any bou have but they can also choose 1,2,3,4 etc if you have the qty field set to customer input. ?


I would probably do this as a post controller for the checkout controller. I.e. a file named addons/my_changes/controllers/customer/

with a content similar to (Note this is an example,not tested code for cut and paste).

if( $mode == 'add' && $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] == 'POST' ) {
look at the product option passed
if desired option is not set
fn_set_notification("C", "Notice", "You did not select the xyz option, please be sure this is what you want", 'I');

I’ll leave it as an exercise for the reader to determine the options associated with the product being added to the cart.