Product Option Changes & Orders

I noticed that when we remove an option such as a color or size from a product option we had already created and an order had already been placed for that size or color, the product we removed the option from totally removes the product from past orders.

This is NOT suppose to happen.

First off, when we have a product that has a disabled option (the only option it had), it shows in the backend customer orders as an option and it should not show at all if an option is disabled.

Today we went to the grooming post page to make changes. It had an option that was NOT enabled so we just removed it from this product.

When we did that, it removed the complete product from the customers past order which had already shipped and updated. We happen to go to this customers past order and we got a warning that "a product was removed from this order because the option was removed".

We had to add the product back in her order but now it shows it was not shipped.

Something is terribly wrong. When we make changes to product today or in the future, it should not change in the customers orders.

We have to make changes to options all the time because an option has been discontinued or is sold out for 4-5 months.

1. Past orders should not be changed unless we change them ourselves.

2, Past orders should not be affected when we make a change or remove an option for a product.

3. Disabled options should not show at all in customer orders.

This is what the order showed when the customer submitted their order:

Davis Grooming Arm 1 Price


Options: Optional Bracket: Please Select

The options should not be showing at all because the option for this product is disabled.

Please help sort this out. This is not even right. Now we don't know what past orders have been changed due to the options changes.



Submit to the bugtracker. The option info is all stored with the order, it shouldn't require any lookup unless you are in order_management mode (editing an order). Then it might disappear. But for untouched orders, the info should be preserved.

I've never seen this behaviour. Which version are you using? And standard options or product variations?

Would also be interesting to know if they are global or standard options.

Using version 4.7.1. , not multi-store.

I believe I was not in edit mode but I did edit the order before I made the change and I had ticked on save after I edited it and after I had removed the bracket option from the other tab where I had removed the option. Gosh, I hope that made since!

The ecommerce I have for another store for 17 years now, the past orders doesn't get affected at all and surely not because we removed a color option.

Option was standard, not global.



I have never noticed any of my options ( I use them lots) to get deleted from past orders.

If you edit and save, then the old option values will not be known in the new context.