Product Model Number

I am using 4.9.2. In the back office products list we can no longer edit the product model number (code#) in the list like it was in 4.7.4. Manufacturers change the product code number all the time and it is a royal pain having to open each product just to change the code # (model number) for each product. It was so much easier and less time consuming in 4.7.4 version. I didn't mind changing the product code in the list in 4.7.4, I would say ok, darn I have to change the product code for yet another manufacturer. In 4.9.2 when I get a notification that we have to change the product code, I get so darn angry and frustrated because we cannot change it on the product list anymore. arghhhh!


Have you tried using the old admin page, it's in addons

Old Admin Panel [Deprecated]

Try to replace

(!) Not tested

Still waiting for help in regards to adding the product model # (item code) to all product lists in the front end. We have a lot of products that are similar and need the product item# to show in all the product lists.

Without changing the file so it will not get over written when upgrading.


If you mean show sku in grid view?

I have product item numbers such as GB-146 or ED-F97000. These are the item or model numbers, not sku's. I have attached a couple images.

I have attached images.

1st image, need to add item# (model#) below product name title on all listings (homepage and sub-category listings)

2nd image, need to move item# (model#) under title.

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