Product Import problem

When I try to import products from a csv file, cs-cart gives the “imported successfully” message but nothing has been imported. I selected “comma” is the CSV delimiter and left the other settings as default. The forum will not allow me to attach the csv file but I put a sample of it below - could anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

<br />
Product code Language Product id Category List price Price Weight Quantity Min quantity Shipping freight Date added Downloadable Files Ship downloadable Inventory tracking Free shipping Feature comparison Zero price action Thumbnail Detailed image Product name Description Meta keywords Meta description Search words Page title Taxes Features Options Secondary categories Pay by points Override points Override exchange rate SEO name Short description Localizations Status Out of stock actions Product URL Image URL Detailed image URL Items in box Box size Store ""<br />
LCC-4830  1 Artist Canvas///Ready Stretched Canvas///Loxley Gold Artists Canvases///Loxley Gold Chunky Depth Canvas 0 106.15 0 6 2 0 01/01/1970 00:00 N  N B N N R   Loxley Gold Chunky Stretched Canvas 48 x 30 inch Size 1220 x 762 mm (48 x 30") Loxley, Gold, Chunky, Stretched, Canvas Loxley Gold Chunky/Gallery depth Ready Stretched Artist Canvas Loxley Gold, Loxley Chunky, Stretched Canvas loxley-gold-chunky-stretched-canvas-48x30 VAT				<br />

Where are the comma seperations? there are no commas between each field as far as I can see. Make sure your .csv is using comma as the delimiter.

Product code,Price,Weight,Thumbnail,Description,Page title,Product URL,Category
"D8063test","0.40","10.00","","Burn Gel Sachet 3.5 gramPre cooling not required (as per BS 8599 standard)Single sachet or can be bought in multiples for lower prices","burn gel sachet 3.5g


Try reducing the test import file column by column and try the import. If it goes through you know which column caused it. Could be as trivial as the price having a dot vs. comma for decimal.

Make sure the category and feature delimiters match your exported data, the price seperator is correct, and your CSV delimiter is correct. If all else fails, it could be a memory limit issue - make sure your file upload size is high enough to allow the file to upload completely, and also ensure your PHP memory limit is set to 64 MB or 128 MB to ensure the server can process the entire file.

Thanks for your help guys, I think I'm getting closer now. Just one question: when I export (to try and get the correct layout), the data for each item gets split up randomly across the rows. Does this matter?

The order of rows should not matter.