Product Images & Thumbnails Confusion

If I upload a product image when I am adding a product it looks like it gets uploaded to /images/products with the original filename. However, when I view the product on the storefront, the image has been renamed to something weird and long like “original127186406f5321e.jpg”, but still located in the images/products folder.

Why the renaming (and thus duplicating) of the images? There are 199 products, but there are 325 images in the images/products folder. Why? And why are there 105 images in the images/thumbnails folder?

Does anyone understand what’s going on? If 50 of those 199 products all use the same image, is there a way to stop the cart from making 50 new images, and instead each use the original image I uploaded at the time of adding the product?

Thanks in advance for any help.

I’ve noticed the renaming as well. The funny thing is that not all of my images have been renamed. None of it makes any since to me. I can understand renaming duplicate images, but as long as it is a unique image with a unique name than it shouldn’t be renamed.


I wonder if they might address this when they do they work on the multiple image sizes for 2.1. Hopefully, they will be opening a “Roadmap” thread to discuss what people want in terms of images.