Product Images Folders: Is This Going Well?

We have been busy adding Product images to our new CS-Cart website and doing it in all three ways: Local, Server, and via URL

We are getting a little worried when we see where CS-Cart is storing the images. We can´t see any logic behind it. Will we have any future (upgrade) problems or data-feed problems?

Example 1: Images for product ABC added via ´Local´ upload stores in subfolder /images/1:

Main product image:[b]/detailed/1/[/b]ABC.PNG

Second image:[b]/detailed/1/[/b]ABC2.PNG

Question: is it normal that CS-Cart creates such a subfolder below /images? We assumed that all Product images would simply be saved directly under /images…

Example 2: Images for product DEF added via Local and some via URL

Main product image via Local:[b]/detailed/3/[/b]DEF.PNG

Third image via URL (URL inside the same CS-Cart installation):[b]/detailed/4/[/b]DIMS.PNG

Question: Why now 2 different subfolders (/3 & /4)?

Question: Why different from Example 1 subfolder?

Thank you in advance for any insight.


It chooses the directory based on the formula of $dirnum = floor($image_id / MAX_FILES_IN_DIR);

MAX_FILES_IN_DIR is defined in config.local.php and is distributed as 1000.

So this takes the image_id of the image and then comes up with an integer to use as a sub-directory so that MAX_FILES_IN_DIR is not exceeded.

Otherwise for larger sites, too many image files can exist that will 1) impact performance and 2) can exceed system limits.

Thanks for such a quick reaction and explanation how CS-Cart does this.

So it seems that we should not worry about it. Glad to hear!