Product Image Won't Change By Selecting Different Product Options!


I've created a product with an option called 'design mode'. There are two option variants for this option called 'simple' and 'painted'. Inventory is enabled for this option and Inventory setting in General tab is set to 'track with options'. By clicking on rebuild combinations, two combinations are created called 'simple' and 'painted'. I've upload different images for these two combinations cause I want the product image change by selecting different options.

The problem is that product image won't change when I select different options!!! In version 2.x everything was OK by in version 4.x it seems product image won't change by selecting different options!

I've done all the above setting based on below tutorial:

Please tell me if I've done something wrong. By the way, I created product with option combinations in cs-cart demo backend and I failed to change the product image after selecting different option too!

please help!!

Please take a look