Product ID how do I set it ?


I have looked through info online but could not find answer.

I have been trying to work out how to set or what is the Product ID ?

Product name is not unique

Product code is not unique

so I assume there must be a setting but cant see it in the admin.

I am sure it is really simple but can't see it


You don't set it nor will you see it unless you're looking in the database. The cart does it for you.


Just wanting to make sure I do not have procucts with same “editable” ID,

but I see I can have unlimited products with same “Product name” and “Product code” that cant be right?

What do yo uall use as the editable ID


The user reference is the product code when importing/exporting. Yes, you can have products with the same name and same code. This can only be done by manually creating products. It's not recommended to have the same code because when importing/exporting, both products with the same code will be updated with the same information.

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It's not recommended to have the same code because when importing/exporting…


This what I am trying to avoid.

Looks like I would need to have a modification made to stop the same product code/name from causing a problem.

if you “The Tool” anybody knows how to fix please let me know only down side is I do not want to alter the core cart but feel this will need some alteration to the input quiery.

thanks Mike

I'm not sure I understand your concern. Are you planning on having products with the same code and/or name?

Many products will have the same name.

Lets use an example of “Ming Vase”

you can have 100 different Ming Vases each one is unique with a unique stock code.

I assumed I could add the products like:

Name: “Ming Vase #445

Name: “Ming Vase #446


Name: “Ming Vase” Product code: “#445

but with over 1000 items and daily updates I do not want to enter the same product twice.

Hope this helps Mike

Use your “unique stock code” for the product code. As for the name, yes, you will need to add something to the name to make it unique.

So without getting a developer to rebuild the product input query,

It is not possible for CS_Cart to stop the input of multiple products with same “Name” or Product code:

Seems odd the cart can’t do this.

Thanks Mike

Why is it odd? It isn't the cart's job to enforce your view of a product. It is your job to specify your products with product codes and names to suit your business and to provider proper SEO references.

Hi all other carts I have looked at or used like Interpire/big/Magento/cartweaver/woo… have some sort of SKU/ID for products

Google spits its dummy out if you do not make products unique, and yes you can manually check but with a few people updating 1000 + products on a continual basis mistakes are going to be made. Just need a way to stop duplicates.


In cs-cart, the product_id is a database key. Each store you create may have a different product_id for the same product. It is local to a store.

The product_code field is the user-definable field that is used to identify your products. However, there is NOT a requirement that this field be unique but it is assumed to be unique when a product import from a csv is performed. You can easily change the databse field cscart_products.product_code to be a unique key if you want. It shouldn't break anything.

You can also use product features to provide other unique codes for your products like UPC/GTIN or manufacturer model numbers or supplier identification numbers. If those features are marked as 'hidden' they can be used for custom programming logic to do things like autmatic ordering from your suppliers or for looking up a product_id based on a supplier's identification number.