Product from supplier displays default as well as supplier shipping option

When adding a product from a supplier other than the default to the cart, I’m getting both the default shipping options as well as the (correct) supplier shipping options.

In other words, we have USPS Standard Mail set up for both our store (the default supplier) and supplier X. When a product from supplier X is added to the cart, both USPS Standard Mail options appear - the default suppliers and supplier X.

Am I missing something here? The KB clearly says " If a customer buys a product that is assigned to a supplier, the shipping methods assigned to this supplier will be available only."


What is the location for your Company, the Default Location and the Location of your Supplier?

Thanks for the reply!

Company is in Florida (32134), Default Location is “Default destination (all countries)” and Supplier is in Virginia (23921)… would prefer not to have a default destination so rates are calculated when the customer enters their own zip code.

Can only guess that something in your Locations setup is causing it to double-up on info… This is probably a helpdesk issue. If it's a bug, they won't hit you for credits. If it's a config issue, they will.

I've been thinking the same thing – I've gone over the settings a couple of times and can't see what it could be. Will go over them once more and then give the help desk a shout.