Product filters on search page

So I have my manufacturers set up as features/filters. They are extended features. When I browse the site and go to the category page, the filter works perfectly. If I search the site, the filters come up, but if I click on the filter, it brings me to that feature page.

What is going on? I need the filters to work on the search page. Any ideas?



Hi Brandon,

This addon CS-Cart Dynamic Filters on Search Page will sovle the problem for you.

The addon has also solved another bug in your previous fix: When the search is done on the search page instead of the top search input box, all the filters will stop working on search results page. With our addon, customers can continue enjoying their search on the search page like revising search terms and etc. :)

Brandon, I solved this by using the Manufactures feature that I use for google merchant - this is a simple filter and thus works. Extended filters for some reason go directly to the brand page.

cscartrocks - glad to hear your add-on fixes this!