Product Filters not showing Custom page


In my_changes addon , created custom page for product list with products_multicolumns as layout.

the product filters are not showing in the page.

How to show product filters for custom page .


As far I know so far is possible only by doing a core modification

please add to file


add new location to array

            #CORE Modification

final code

function fn_product_filters_validate_location(array $params = [])
    if (!empty($params['check_location'])) { // FIXME: this is bad style, should be refactored
        $valid_locations = [

            #CORE Modification

        if (!in_array($params['dispatch'], $valid_locations)) {
            return false;

    return true;

PS: With this occasion I recommend CS-Cart team to add a hook for it


Thanks for explanation.
added dispatch to fn_product_filters_validate_location and it is working.

but it return all the feature and variants .
the added page also returns products using category ids and if possible to limit only available filter variants for search result.

You can use the get_filters_products_count_pre hook as the workaround. Set up the necessary conditions when the


should be unset.

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