Product Filters Block Trouble

So, when I add a “shop by price” product filter block to my category page it all works fine. Then when I also add the same block to “all pages” it shows a double up on the category page, but the 2nd block is empty (see attached image).

Unfortunately if I don’t add it to “all pages” as well as the category page, when you click on a price range,the block disappears in the search results - so the user will have to either hit the back button, or click on the category again to choose another option.

If I don’t add it to the category page, it only shows in the search results.

So I’m not sure how to manage it so that it appears on both the category page and search results page.

sorry, here’s the image

I just tried this on a 2.0.12 install and it seems to work properly. I set up only a single “Shop by price” block on “All Pages” and it appears on all pages I have tested (home, category, product, cart, checkout, news, pages and even the advanced search and search results).

Is it possible that you marked the block set up for “All pages” as ‘disabled’ on the “Categories” tab? You can set the status of blocks created on the “All pages” tab independently for the different page types.