Product Filter Question

I’m continuing to add features to my products and then set up the filters.

I’ve kind of ran across something that is kind of a problem for me. I am using thumbnail images for my categories instead of a list so I think that is adding to my problem.

What is going on is if you go to:


And start to filter, the filter works right, but the products are displayed below the sub-category thumbnail. I believe this is probably supposed to work this way. Unfortunately though when a user uses the filter they aren’t able to see the products unless they scroll down. Of course, since the page doesn’t change, the user doesn’t know to scroll down.

Now is there anyway to set up the filters so that when a user uses them only the categories that have the right products are displayed?

Basically if you click on “Dry Supplements” only those categories what contain dry supplements will be shown.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,