Product Filter Question

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Has anyone here gotten this to work? My developer installed the add-on and the drop down unfortunately does not appear. Seems consistent with the several other commenters above who have also had trouble. Obviously it must work somehow, as it's functioning on Brandon's site.

This really is essential to the look & feel I'm trying for (filters across the top, products taking up the full width of the page), so if anyone here can shed some light I'd be very grateful.

I tried reaching out to the help desk, but all they can offer is to have their development staff make it from the ground-up. I hate to re-invent the wheel unnecessarily, but I'm running out of options here.



Anyone ?

What is your cs-cart version?

I'm using V3 and will upgrading to V4 when they come out with the import tool. However, that makes most of the above discussion moot, as the add-on will not work with V4 in its current state.

I asked CSC to quote me a fix for getting it to fly in V4, with the following improvements…

  1. Making it so the various filters fit across the top of the page evenly (eliminating the need for a side bar).
  2. Greying out any filter choices that are not available and making them “unclickable”. Just like it is now where one can't check a check box next to an unavailable filter choice.

    Problem is, it's a little too steep for my wallet at the moment, coming in at $500. If anyone here wants to go in on this and split the costs, I'm game.

We will release an add-on to solve this problem.